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RWC Video Gallery

The Retina World Congress Video Gallery will serve the global retina community with an encyclopedia of retinal videos highlighting everything surgical retina from introductory steps and basic maneuvers to complex vitreoretinal techniques. Our hope is to grow the Video Gallery showcasing a variety of techniques from all across the world.

Videos should focus on education, innovative maneuvers and techniques, sharing pearls and teaching points for retina specialists. Over the course of each year, reviewers and co-chairs will select several videos to present at the annual Retina World Congress meeting. These videos will be recognized in the following categories 1) Best Educational Video, 2) Best New Technique, and 3) Most Entertaining Video.

To submit a video, please create a “My RWC” account here: Once your account is made, you can submit a video in your dashboard. Be mindful of the length of the video as 2:30 minutes or less). Videos, efficient videos with a single teaching point are usually the most effective and most frequently viewed.

RWC Video Gallery Co-Chairs: Nassim Abreu, MD (Dominican Republic), Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD (USA), and Vivek Chaturvedi, MD (USA)

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Nassim Abreu - MD