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Reviewer Instructions

Step 1: Email

  • You will be assigned a video submission via email.
  • Click the link to see all your assigned videos for review. (
  • You have 48 hours to complete the review process.

Step 1 continued: My RWC

  • If prompted with the login form, log in using your username and password.
  • Navigate to My RWC in the upper right to access your Dashboard
  • Navigate to Review Videos  in the Dashboard navigation

Step 2: Review List

  • Click Review to enter editing screen to review the submission.

Step 3: Editing Screen

  • Review video

Step 3 continued:  Approve Video

  • If the video meets all the requirements, submit the video for final approval.

Step 3 continued:  Reject Video

  • If the video DOES NOT meets all the requirements, reject the video.
  • Check the Rejected checkbox
  • Enter Rejected Comments
  • Submit your decision
  • NOTE: Leave the Rejected Email Text blank.  This field is for administrators.